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The School Council


The School Council is made up of elected pupil representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. You will find a list of your councillors on the board in the hall. They meet with school staff on a regular basis.

At each meeting as well as a flexible agenda we always have 3 key agenda items: Bullying, Safeguarding and Health and Safety. This allows class representatives to raise issues with the headteacher that may have gone unnoticed or unreported to school staff.

Minutes are posted on the school council noticeboard and shared with school staff as required so that action can be taken. Typically this will involve our business manager, site manager,  class teachers and SMSAs.

School council representatives will always take part in our health and safety governors committee meetings and are regularly involved in the recruitment of staff. They also run a stall at our Christmas and Summer Fairs.