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Term time holidays

From September 2013, the law has changed for all pupils and parents in the UK. Schools are not allowed to authorise leave of absence for family holidays unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

These are defined as:

  • Forces Personnel on leave from a foreign posting
  • Significant family events or circumstances – these will be considered on an individual basis with you.

The Headteacher will consider every above request individually but the following will not meet the criteria:

  • Relatives coming to visit/visiting relatives 
  • Cheaper holidays in England and abroad
  • Family day trips
  • Visiting family/friends who have different half terms or holidays

For further details  please see our attendance policy which can be found on the Policies & Key Documents page in the LSP Policies link.

Please complete a Leave of Absence request form below (Holiday form) and return to school in advance of any planned holidays.