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Pupil Transition

Transition is the term used to describe when children prepare to move from one class to another or one phase of education to another which may involve a change in schools.

At PPS the transition from nursery to pre-school is the greatest transition we have sole responsibility for and at the other end of the school transition from Year 6 to 7 involves liaison with the secondary schools that our pupils move to.

Preschool/Nursery to EYFS.

Planning begins for this as soon as the NS Admissions Teams release our confirmed places offers and we begin to communicate with parents.

Our EYFS team and SENDCO will begin to visit nursery and pre-school settings and gather information about the pupils that are joining us. 

There is an information evening for parents in June to support families to join our school.

We host a school visit in July for children to meet their new teachers and the support staff team. Children will visit their new classrooms at this point.

We also host an after school  picnic in July for the children and families to have a second visit the grounds of the school.

For some pupils with additional needs or SEND there may also be additional visits coordinated by the LINK Team from the local authority.

Children then join in September where transition continues as they enjoy a part-time timetable for the first 3 weeks of the new term.

In school Transition for our  EYFS to Year 5 pupils

All of these pupils will already be familiar with the school setting and the building. They will not know all of our staff but they will be familiar with some of them from the playground and moving around school. 

All of our policies are school wide and though some routines may vary slightly, any variances will be shared during move up mornings and explained again in September.

It is expected that this process begins in the last 4 weeks of term as this is when we are most likely to have completed any recruitment necessary for September and to begin transition. Starting too early can be unsettling for children and school leaders need time to make any deployment decisions and class allocations with due care and consideration.

For Some Pupils including some with SEND

For All Pupils

  • Additional informal visits to their new classroom and to meet the new teacher and support staff
  • Time spent talking about new routines and exploring the timetable
  • A transition booklet made with them which will include photographs
  • Story afternoons with the new class teachers (July)
  • A move up morning where the whole class meet their new teacher ( July)
  • The chance for parents to be introduced to the new teacher at the end of the school day

Children moving from Year 2 to Year 3 will be shown the toilets, where they enter and leave the building and the layout of the KS2 corridor as they prepare to move upstairs. 

We can offer more bespoke transition informally dependent on the needs of cohorts or individual children.

There are also lots of planned formal opportunities for staff to share pastoral and academic information about pupils to support the best start for each of them in their next classroom.

Year 6 to Year 7

This is dictated by the secondary schools that our pupils are going to. They are likely to have visited their new schools for an information evening early in the school year and hold a transition visit for all pupils in July. (We coordinate our move up day to match with Gordano's so that our Year 5 pupils can visit Year 6 staff!)

There is likely to be additional visits for any pupils with additional transition needs , including some pupils on the SEND register throughout term 6.

Pastoral and academic information is also shared between schools.

In Year Transitions

For pupils joining us mid-year as they move to us from other schools, we will host a visit for the pupil and family before a new pupil joins.

This will include the opportunity for any families of pupils with identified SEND needs to meet our SENDCO. We will then work with these families to prepare both the child and our staff team for the pupil joining us in a timeline that helps families but ensures the school is prepared for their arrival.

Any new pupil joining us will be allocated a buddy and will come to the school office on their first morning.

In year transitions are generally less formal and by nature can be shorter. We are guided by the needs of the pupils and any information from the previous/current school.

Additional Information regarding pupils with SEND

In addition to the information above, for children with an EHCP these transitions can vary the most and we will always be guided by the views of the family and other professionals involved.