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Ofsted and Our Performance

Ofsted and Pupil Outcomes

I am delighted to share with you the published letter/report from our section 8 inspection on the 25th of June 2019.

As a school we are very pleased that the report reflects our own pride in our children, school staff and the local governing body. It is lovely to read that the inspector recognised our "unwavering commitment to secure the best possible education for the pupils" and our "passion and determination to strive forward and continually improve."

Other highlights include:

Portishead Primary School is a happy school. Pupils are polite and courteous. The strong relationships between staff and pupils are pivotal to the success of the school.

The local governing body is a strength. Governors have the expertise and skills to monitor closely the work of the school....and provide leaders with quality challenge and support.

Please see a copy of the letter/report here.


School Results Exam Results

2021/22 at the end of KS2

  • Reading - 88%
  • Writing - 86%
  • Maths - 95%
  • Combined at the expected standard - 81%

School and College Performance Tables

Please see the link here