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Eco Club

Eco Committee is run by Mrs Perry, Mrs Wallace and Mr Taylor. We meet once a fortnight and have representatives from Year 1 to Year 6. Mr Taylor also meets with his 'Eco 6' club each week, which is made up of Year 6 children. 

We have been very busy during Term 1 and 2 setting up our committee, carrying out an audit of our current provision in school and creating our action plan. We have chosen a logo and motto and have already been carrying out projects such as working to reduce single use packaging in our lunch boxes, ensuring that our fruit waste is recycled or used in our wormery in our forest school area, looking at ways to save water and waste in our school bathrooms, working to reduce energy waste in our classrooms by monitoring when we need to use the lights and interactive whiteboards and ensuring that every class has a plant to care for and nurture.  We have also chosen to work with Avon Wildlife Trust who will be our 'Eco charity of the year.'  We are really looking forward to hearing more about their work and how we as a committee can support them.