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Developing the School


School leaders and teachers are challenged by both the Lighthouse Schools Partnership and the Local Governing Body to ensure that the school is on a continuous development journey.

This challenge and support takes many forms including learning visits, book looks and talking to children with the director for school improvement. We also set challenging targets for the school linked to published national pupil outcomes, carry out a  range of audits and compare review our pupil outcomes and finances against national expectations.

External challenge comes from OFSTED who visit approximately every 3 years and last visited in June 2019.

The most recent inspection report can be found on our About Us tab by searching the menu for OFSTED in the side menu.

School Development Planning

The governing body and senior leadership team have written a school strategic plan with 3 key priorities.

Aim 1: To increase the quality of our education provision and become an outstanding school.

Aim 2:  To strive towards environmental sustainability and become a leading influence in the school community, modelling global citizenship.

Aim 3: To create a culture that values and prioritises the wellbeing and mental health of each individual in the school community.

The school also has a school development plan that the LSP call a RAPP or Raising Attainment and  Progress Plan. This is the document that sets out the improvement plans for the school year and can also be found on our policies page. This plan is written after a careful review of the previous school year, consultation with staff and a review of the parent and pupil surveys as well as other feedback and the audits we carry out.

Please see below for the most recent versions of our School RAPP and Strategic Plan.