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Attendance and holidays

The law says that as a parent/carer, you must ensure that your child receives a full-time education. This means your child must attend every day unless there is a very good reason. 


Good attendance (over 95%) is a minimum expectation in all schools and it is essential for all children to meet this expectation if they are to maximise their progress with us. 


Arriving late is really unsettling for children and disruptive to the rest of the class. Please help us to have a great start to the day by arriving by 8:40 (KS2) and 8:45 (EYFS and KS1). If your child arrives at school after the classroom doors are shut, you need to sign them in at the office using our electronic signing in system. 

If you have any concerns or need support with attendance issues please speak to Bev Hembrow who is our attendance officer. The school has a duty of care to ensure all children have good attendance and works closely with the Education Welfare Officer. 

We review the attendance of every child every 8 weeks and have a duty of care to contact parents where attendance may be a concern. This is to offer support to ensure that all of our children have good attendance. This may also be to challenge where absence is a concern without good reason.


 Our top tips

• Consider how long it takes to get to school if the weather is poor or if there are road works. Leave plenty of time to get to school before 8.40/8:45am.

• If you struggle to get your child to school on time each day, ask a responsible adult who you trust and can rely on, to take your child to school for you.

• Have a regular routine for the start of each day.

• Help your child get their clothes and equipment ready, before they go to bed. This includes any extra equipment needed for the day ahead e.g. Forest school clothing/packed lunch.

• Set a reasonable bed time to make sure they get enough sleep. Primary school aged children on average need around 10-12 hours sleep.

• Give your child a healthy breakfast e.g. toast, fruit or cereal.

• Get your child to school on time and give them a good start to the day.