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PPS wins School PE Award

We are very pleased to share that we have completed the School Games Framework.

From achieving bronze through to 3 consecutive gold awards we are overjoyed and being recognised for the hard work and commitment we put into physical education.

A big thank you to Mrs Moss our PE lead, to the staff team who deliver a big proportion of the curriculum, to Gym Clubs who deliver PE in KS2, lunchtime provision and many other school workshops and to Future Stars who we enjoyed working with for so long.

PE is so important in supporting health attitudes to life, sport, teamwork and social skills, healthy eating, mental and physical health and fun! 

We love the opportunity it gives our children to be their best, challenge themselves and learn to win humble, lose gracefully but most important of all, enjoy the opportunity.

Friday sees the start of the Winter Olympics 2022 and those Olympic values are at the heart of our PE curriculum:

  • Striving for excellence and encouraging people to be the best they can be.
  • Celebrating friendship, which is quite unique to the Olympic Games – an event that brings people together every few years.
  • Demonstrating respect in many different manners: respect towards yourself, the rules, your opponents, the environment, the public, etc.