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Anti-Bullying Awareness Raising

On Friday the 21st of May we held a non-uniform day to raise awareness and further develop our anti-bullying culture.

We decided on the theme "Express Yourself" for this awareness raising day. Children were allowed to come to school and express their identity and personality through the clothes they wore and their hair and accessories.

On most school days we wear a uniform to show that we are a group with a shared identity and much in common, so it was nice to be able to dress up and down according to our own sense of self.

It is just as important to celebrate our differences as it is to celebrate and enjoy those things we have in common.

During the day children decorated blue ribbons with messages of kindness and advice to share positivity. These will be displayed outside when it finally stops raining. We will let you know when this happens!

It is important that we all respect each other regardless of colour, race, gender, age, ability, culture, who we love, what we look like and the many other things that make each of us unique.

Spread kindness not hate.