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New Black History Library Section

Thank you to FOS for donating a wide range of black history books to the school library.

Today I was pleased to take delivery of a wide range of black history books that have been kindly provided through the fund raising efforts of our Friends of School. These books have been added to the  school library and will be displayed in their own section.

The picture is just a very small selection of those donated.

It is really important to us that we work hard to educate our children on the diversity of the school and wider community and that we recognise the achievements of all people regardless of background.

Sadly in history this has not always been the case and the achievements of many people have been passed over in the history books.

Taking time out to rediscover these forgotten stories and to celebrate the richness and diversity of our community benefits us all and we are delighted that we have been given these books to help deliver on this important aspect of our pupils education.

It is more important than ever than we educate our children in a way that promotes inclusion and respect and challenges all forms of prejudice and injustice.