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Value of Term 2 - Kindness

Each term we have a new value that we teach explicitly as well as guiding our assemblies. This term the value is Kindness. During PHSE we will be teaching a Jigsaw unit of work called Celebrating Difference which works alongside this.

In assemblies this term we will be exploring the value of kindness, what this looks like in school, at home and how it should guide our behaviour away from school and online.

What does kindness mean?

•the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

•Someone putting their own feelings aside and doing something nice for someone else.

•someone going out of their way to do something for you

•offering to do something for someone else because you want to, not because you have to

•doing something for someone even though you don't expect anything in return

•being generous, tolerant and accepting

We will be learning to:

  •  Smile and be positive
  •  Share
  •  Let someone else go first
  •  Give compliments
  •  Have good manners
  •  Listen to other people
  •  Work with someone new
  •  Forgive someone for making a mistake
  •  Help someone having a bad day

So a quote that has stuck with me since my time at university:

" Take care of yourself and each other!"