Portishead Primary School

Portishead Primary School

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Pupil Voice and Responsibilities

The School Council

The School Council is made up of elected pupil representatives from each class. You will find a list of your councillors and what they would like to achieve on the display outside the ICT room. They meet with the headteacher on a regular basis.

At each meeting as well as a flexible agenda we always have 3 key agenda items: Bullying, Safeguarding and Health and Safety. This allows class representatives to raise issues with the headteacher that may have gone unnoticed or unreported to school staff.

Minutes are posted on the school council noticeboard and shared with school staff as required so that action can be taken. Typically this will involve our business manager, site manager, learning mentor and class teachers.

School council represenatives will always take part in our health and safety governors committee meetings and are regularly involved in the recruitment of staff. They also run a stall at our Christmas and Summer Fairs.

House Captains and Vice Captains

At the beginning of each school year children in Year 6 apply for the roles of house captain and vice captain of their houses. Once selected by the leadetrship team they will collect house points, share them in assemblies and support our sports and PE team with school events. They also act as role models to the rest of the school and are chosen because they represent the school's vision and ethos in action.

Digital Leaders

Digital leaders are selected from within KS2 and work with the ICT leader to support the development of computing across the school. They help plan ICT led ininitaitves such as safer internet day and have a voice in our regular e-safety meetings.

Sports Leaders

Sports leaders help the PE Coordinator and lunchtime supervisors to deliver sports events, active lunchtimes and our 2 sports days. They are also involved in the planning and delivery of our healthy school's week.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

In September 2018 14 children will be trained to become anti-bullying ambassadors by the Diana Award. These children will work with senior leaders to deliver a comprehensive anti-bullying strategy and update our school policies during this academic year.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors