WW1 Centary Celebrations

Portishead Primary School is very proud to be taking part in a range of community and curriculum events to remember those that fell during The Great War that eneded 100 years ago this November.

You can find a memorial plaque inside St Peter's Church with the 64 names of the fallen ffrom our town.

During this time of relection we will be thinking of all of those service men and women past and present, their families and those people around the world still affected by conflicts today.

Here are a range of activities we are planning during November. We have chose Peace as the value of the month.

KS2: Portishead in Bloom Poppy Project-Fundraising for The Royal British Legion

Key Stage 2 children will all be making a wooden poppy painted with gloss paint. A team will be working with the children during PPA in the afternoons. The poppies will be put on display in Jubilee Park for families to visit. The poppies will be returned and sent home. Parents will be asked to donate £1 per child by Friday 9th November. Children will be invited to wear something red to the assembly-red top / hair band / poppy etc 

FS/ KS1 ‘100 poppies project’-£10,000 for The Royal British Legion

We will be sponsoring 1 of 100 large poppies displayed on the stone pillars of the Full Fathom Five sculpture. We will be asking parents to donate £1 per child to raise £100 for our poppy by Friday 9th November. Children will be invited to wear something red to the assembly-red top / hair band / poppy etc

School Project

During the week prior to the centenary (5th-9th November) we will be making our own poppies and looking at poems and creative writing. Please display your poppies in downstairs windows or out in the playground on the Thursday in preparation for the Friday. Families will be invited to view the poppies outside on the Friday drop-off and pick-up. 

Friday 9th Assembly-Please have an early playtime 10:10-10:30-take children straight to hall from play.

10:35-11:05 Perhaps some children could be selected to read out some poems or creative writing. (Their own or favourite ones) The Cats Pyjamas will perform a song or 2 and we will sing ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary/ Pack up your troubles’ and one other song. It will end with a trumpet playing ‘the last post’ before the minute’s silence.

 Keep an eye on our website and newletters nearer the time as we share more detail with you.