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Science Challenge Day

Our science challenge this year was focused around the environmental impact of deforestation in the Amazon and other rain forest habitats. Children learnt about different types of trees and the habitats that the forest canopy offers to a wide range of species.

In mixed age groups the children needed to design and make trees that were tested for:

1. Strength- how many monkeys could one branch hold?

2. Canopy coverage- how much salt would be held by the leaves and prevented from reaching the floor?

3. Stability - what force on a newton meter would it take to pull the trees over?

It was a pleasure to see the children working together in mixed age classes during the day. One team from each room made it to the final where Mrs Fletcher tested them in front of the whole school.

The winning team will go on to take part in a multi-schools challenge day in Bristol, later in the school year.

Thanks to Mrs Fletcher and Miss Levy for organising this day. Thanks also to all of the parents and FOS who donated recycled materials and cut tubes for the day.

Here are a couple of examples of the trees made and the drinks bottle monkeys!