Friendship Fridays

This term following feedback from our anti-bullying committee we have designated Friday afternoon's as Friendship Fridays. 

This is a dedicated time given across the school when children will experience a combination of PHSE, mindfulness, circle time and Golden Time (See Behaviour Policy).  Teachers will use Fridays to deliver the PHSE curriculum but also spend time developing the relationships in the class and addressing any worries of concerns children may have. All teaching staff took part in mindfulness training with Mrs Abi Slee. It is an expectation that children will be taught mindfulness activities in class whenever needed, but this can be allocated to the Friday afternoons.

Friendship Fridays reflects the school’s commitment to the implementation of the 4 pupil outcomes in the school vision: Aspiring Leaders, Global Citizens, Lifelong Learners and Resilient Confident Children. We know that growing up in the 21st Century is very challenging for children. We are committed to preparing and supporting them through these challenges. The mental health and wellbeing of our pupils (and staff) is our number one priority which is why we are proud to share this important focus with you.