Anti-Bullying Week 2018

Finishing touches are under way for our anti-bullying week.

Today our 14 anti-bullying ambassadors met with Mr Riordan and Miss Allen to rewrite the school child version of our anti-bullying policy. The finished policy will be shared with you all next week and every child will be given a copy for you to read through at home.

Events during Anti-Bullying Week

  • Monday - KS2 assembly and class workshops presented by Unique Voice
  • Tuesday - KS1 assembly and workshoops presented by Unique Voice
  • Wednesday 6.30pm - Parent Anti-Bullying Workshop planned by the anti-bullying ambassadors and presented by Mr Riordan
  • Thursday - Whole School Anti-Bullying Assembly
  • Friday - wear a plain T-Shirt that will be covered in compliments. Bring a £1 for Children in Need

NB: Just wear or bring in a plain t-shirt of any colour you are happy to have written on. Please don't spend a lot of money on this! We just want every child to have a collection of compliments that celebrate how special they are.

 As well as these feature activities all classes will discuss the anti-bullying policy and take part in anti-bullying activities with their teachers.
These activities will eb shared with you in the third anti-bullying letter from our anti-bullying ambassadors on Friday the 9th of November.