Another Busy Week

We have been back from half term for 3 days and it feels like we have packed in another term of learning and curriculum activities.

Our EYFS team ran phonics workshops for parents.

Year 5 have visited "We The Curious" as part of their science focussed topic.

Children have taken part in Boccia in PE.

All Year groups have enjoyed Street Dance this the beginning of the end for "The Floss"?

Classes across the school have been learning about WW1 and completeing creative writing and art work. Please come and have a look at the front gate and some of our amazing window displays. They are as beautiful as they are a sombre reminder of human cost of war.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have rewritten the school children's version of the anti-bullying policy. 

Just another typical week creating memories, building relationships and shaping the learning journeys of each of our 453 wonderful children.