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Year 4 - Brunel & Scott

Welcome to the Year 4 page! Please click on the albums below to see some of the things we have been doing in school!


Y4 Blue Abyss art (2 images)

We created our own piece of artwork based on the layers of the ocean. We had to mix our colours carefully in order to gradually change the shade in our pictures.

Created: 4 Feb 20 12:37 | Last modified: 4 Feb 20 12:37

Y4 Maya Temples (22 images)

In Year 4 we made our own Maya temples using clay. We had to mould the clay into the correct shape and build our temple accordingly. We then added extra detail such as stairs and patterns.

Created: 17 Dec 19 12:42 | Last modified: 17 Dec 19 12:46

Y4 Digestion (31 images)

As part of our Science learning this term, we have been studying the digestive system. To help us understand the function of each body part, we undertook a fun practical experiment which involved coke, a sandwich bag and some tights!

Created: 3 Dec 19 08:01 | Last modified: 3 Dec 19 08:04

Y4 Raise the Roof Singing Festival 2019 (10 images)

After weeks of practising, children from Year 3 and 4 took part in this year's Raise the Roof Singing Festival. The theme for this year's event was caring for our environment and we were joined by pupils from Trinity and St Mary's.

Created: 15 Nov 19 13:59 | Last modified: 15 Nov 19 14:06

Year 4 Barton Camp (189 images)

Year 4 enjoyed a memorable time at Barton Camp. We went swimming, played sports, built dens, explored nature, visited a cheese factory and kept our teachers awake at night! Take a look at the fun we had!

Created: 25 Oct 19 12:13 | Last modified: 25 Oct 19 12:30

Y4 Road Trip USA Wow Day (69 images)

Year 4 marked the start of their new topic with a USA-themed Wow Day. We went on a tour of America’s most famous cities, created a stars and stripes inspired piece of art and worked in a team to perfect our very own cheerleading routine.

Created: 6 Sep 19 17:09 | Last modified: 24 Sep 19 08:01