Year 2 - Seahorse & Penguin 

Please click on this link to see a copy of our letter setting out the Year 2 Summer Term 2017 Curriculum Topics.



Y2 Pirate Wow Day 2018 (18 images)

To mark the beginning of our new topic 'Land Ahoy' we enjoyed a Pirate-themed Wow Day. We went on a treasure hunt, learned about the infamous Blackbeard, created treasure maps using grid referencing and designed our own pirate flags.

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Y2 Christmas Cookies (69 images)

To celebrate the festive period we made Christmas Orange Cookies. We put our measuring, rolling, cutting, decorating and (most importantly) tasting skills to the test.

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Y2 Bridge building (26 images)

We designed and built our own bridges using materials of our choice. The bridge had to be strong enough for the knight to cross.

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Y2 Time Trail (28 images)

Whilst learning to tell the time, we went on a hunt for clocks. Once we found a clock we then had to use our time-telling skills to work out the correct time. Some clocks read o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour whilst others displayed 5-minute intervals.

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Year 2 Gunpowder Plot (2 images)

In Year 2 we have been learning about the Gunpowder Plot. We studied the reasons behind it and we even had a visit from King James I. Unfortunately we couldn't persuade him to end his persecution of English Catholics despite some appealing promises and terrifying threats.

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Y2 Caldicot Castle 2017 (133 images)

We had a fantastic time at Caldicot Castle. We were greeted by Sir Thomas the knight at the castle's drawbridge before learning more about castle life from Lady Alianore. I'm sure you'll agree that we also looked the part in our castle-themed costumes!

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Y2 Wheelchair Basketball (74 images)

Year 2 enjoyed learning how to play wheelchair basketball under the tutelage of coach Kevin Ogborne.

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Y2 Sandcastles and Castle Building (39 images)

To mark the start of our new topic, we spent the day making castles out of sand and then cardboard. We had a great time.

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