Year 1 - Turtle & Seal 

 Please click on this link to see a copy of our letter setting out the Year 1 Spring Term 2017 Curriculum Topics.


Sharing reading (29 images)

Seal class and Scott class have buddied up to share some books. We are taking in turns to read and to listen. Scott class have been fantastic at offering support and encouraging the younger children and it has been lovely to see these friendships flourish in the playground!

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Compound sentences (6 images)

We have been using the conjunction 'and' to write our own compound sentences. We think the conjunction 'and' is like jam because it's always in the middle of two simple sentences! Here are some of our examples.

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Seal ink and pen drawings (23 images)

Ask part of our topic we have been exploring old and new toys. We drew old toys using pens and then used water to blend the ink!

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Skipping Seals! (14 images)

We loved our skipping workshop today! We worked hard to remember straight back, feet together and eyes looking ahead.

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Fossils (19 images)

Mr Pollock came in to show us some amazing fossils and he told us about his work as a Geologist!

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Whose poo!? (19 images)

Year one became scientists to investigate poo! We looked for clues to tell us whether the dinosaur poo belonged to carnivores, omnivores or herbivores.

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Turtle Class (13 images)

Clay Ammonites!

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Making fossils (10 images)

After looking carefully at fossils, we made our very own out of clay! Come and see them in the windows of each classroom.

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Wheelchair basketball (48 images)

We were lucky enough to have a go on the wheelchairs with Kev. He taught us how to move forward and backwards and spin around. We had great fun!

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Big dig! (56 images)

We measured the size of dinosaurs out in the playground and we had a go at hunting for fossils and bones too!

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Making numbers! (10 images)

We have been busy in year one making numbers using tens and ones. We will be moving on to add and subtract these soon. Watch this space!

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